Monday, October 19, 2009

The Men of BYX

This past weekend I had an incredible opportunity to speak at the Full Retreat for the Texas State Chapter of Beta Upsilon Chi (Brothers Under Christ). While I was there in Bryan, TX at Messiah's Ranch I was surprised to find out that my sister also in Bryan at a Sigma Phi Lambda leadership retreat. It was awesome to get lunch as our ministries were colliding for the weekend. The weekend was incredibly refreshing for me as I was reminded of the powerful ministry of this great fraternity and those that invested so much into my life when I was a young believer. BYX shaped my life in many ways while in college and continues to be a great blessing as many of my closest friends still today were my fraternity brothers at Southwest Texas. If you know anyone who is about to go to college I would highly encourage them to consider pledging Beta Upsilon Chi (for guys) or Sigma Phi Lambda (for girls).